About us

How it all

Dj Swop Shop was initially a simple Facebook group.

With great contributions from a few guys as admins it became a safe place for djs, musicians and technical production companies to buy and sell audio gear. There were never any advertising or promotions done to grow the community so it really happened on it’s own steam.

Today Dj Swop Shop stands tall at 20k engaging members that visit the group on a daily basis.

We  decided to give Dj Swop Shop more purpose than just being a well maintained Facebook group. We wanted to create a hub where music lovers can find new and used equipment, reliable services and unique ideas.

We can now proudly offer a highly personalized service to our clients while covering many aspects of the industry from a solution based perspective.

We are highly focused on building not just a community, but a platform where the community can benefit from access to top products and services without the killer price tag or disappointments
Behind the scenes


Vernon Hayes has spent most of his time in the industry as a professional dj where he established connections with like minded individuals & club/event owners from legendary brands like Biosphere, 3-30, The Origin, Color Festival, Amafullthrottle, Transfari etc. He has been working closely with local providers over the last 5 years to bring their products to the masses.

He is well known for his willingness  to help above and beyond the call of duty and treating clients with the utmost care and respect.

Core principles

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