Flight Cases

Custom built flight cases
Flight cases custom built to the specification of your equipment for ultra protection no matter wher you go

Flight cases ensure gear safety during transit, safeguarding valuable equipment with essential protection. Their shock-absorbent designs guarantee intact arrival, effectively minimizing repair expenses.

Investing in these cases offers peace of mind as you travel, knowing that your gear is shielded from potential damage.

Whether you’re transporting DJ equipment or delicate AV components, our range covers diverse needs. Reliable extrusions, latches, and hinges contribute to the durability of our custom cases.

Trust us to provide the highest level of protection for your valuable gear, allowing you to focus on your performance or presentation.

Turntable flight case
Pioneer XDJ XZ controller flight case
Record case
Superior Craftsmanship & Premium Materials

Dj Swop Shop’s protective cases are adaptable, with varied materials for your specific needs. From wood thicknesses to padding and foams, we prioritize high standards in every aspect. Our partnerships with leading flight case hardware suppliers solidify our commitment to excellence.

Experience superior protection with our custom cases, incorporating top-notch components. Feel assured as you travel, knowing your gear is secure throughout the journey.

Our expertise extends to crafting flight cases tailored for DJ gear, screens, amplifiers, lights, and more. Prioritizing equipment security, we ensure your valuable assets remain intact.

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, our capabilities have no bounds. If you can conceive it, we can create it. Your unique needs find a perfect match with our versatile solutions.

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