Pioneer CDJ 350 Skinz (PAIR)

Pioneer CDJ 350 Skinz (PAIR)


Enhance your mixer with 12inchSkinz, the industry standard in custom overlays. Our adhesive layer ensures easy, bubble-free installation, while the polycarbonate outer laminate offers protection and a sleek OEM look.


Pioneer CDJ 350 Skinz – Renew your look with 12Inch Skinz premium adhesive skinz, meticulously designed for seamless installation and maximum protection

Crafted with an anti-self sticking, “bubble-free”, pressure permanent adhesive, these Pioneer CDJ 350 Skinz ensure effortless application with 100% surface contact and no trapped air pockets. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or just starting out, installing these skinz is a breeze – simply use your crafty DJ fingers to achieve a flawless finish. No special tools required!

Not only do these skinz offer easy installation, but they also provide unparalleled protection for your CDJ-350 players. The polycarbonate outer laminate is engineered to shield your hardware from scratches, spills, and other hazards, ensuring your equipment stays in pristine condition gig after gig. Plus, the anti-reflective, micro textured finish maintains a sleek OEM look, adding a touch of style to your setup.

With 12Inch Skinz, you can upgrade your CDJ-350 players with confidence and style. Whether you’re performing at events, or in your own home studio, these skinz will elevate your look and protect your investment. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – invest in 12Inch Skinz and take your DJ setup to the next level.

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White/Black, Black, White/Grey, Grey, Red, Red/Black, Blue, Light-Blue, Purple


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