Technics 1200 MK2 Skinz (PAIR)

Technics 1200 MK2 Skinz (PAIR)


Protect your Technics 1200 turntables with Technics 1200 Adhesive Skinz. Crafted with precision and style, these Gen 2 single-piece skins feature a sleek 45-degree edge crease for a distinctive ‘face plate’ aesthetic. Each MK2 kit includes 14 precisely cut pieces tailored for a PAIR of turntables, enhancing functionality and appearance. Engineered with anti-self-sticking technology, these skins ensure a hassle-free installation with full surface contact and no trapped air pockets. Fortified with a Lexan outer laminate for optimal protection, they offer unparalleled scratch resistance and longevity. Elevate your DJ setup with Technics 1200 Adhesive Skinz for ultimate style and performance.



Technics 1200 Skinz -revolutionize your turntables with unparalleled precision and style.

Introducing the next generation Gen 2 single-piece skin, meticulously crafted with a sleek 45-degree edge crease, creating a distinctive “face plate” aesthetic, perfectly suited for an adhesive skin application.

Each Technics 1200 Adhesive Skinz MK2 kit comprises 14 precisely cut pieces tailored for a PAIR of turntables.

Featuring essential components such as the pitch adjust slider, start/stop button, power button, and 45 hole inserts, 12Inch Skinz skins are meticulously designed to enhance your hardware’s functionality and appearance.

These skins boast an innovative adhesive layer engineered with anti-self-sticking technology, ensuring a semi-permanent bond upon pressure application. This revolutionary design guarantees a hassle-free installation with full surface contact and eliminates the risk of trapped air pockets, requiring only your expert DJ touch.

For optimal protection and a seamless OEM look, the skins are fortified with a Lexan outer laminate, renowned for its anti-reflective properties and micro-textured finish. As the thickest and most durable option in the industry, 12Inch skins offer unparalleled scratch resistance and longevity.

Metallic option

Choose from BRUSHED or CHROME/MIRROR metallic finishes for a luxurious ‘audiophile’ appearance. Each MK2 14-piece kit includes skins for a PAIR of turntables, featuring essential components for easy installation and maximum protection. Crafted with a durable outer laminate, BRUSHED metallic offers an anti-reflective MATTE finish while CHROME/MIRROR boasts a superior GLOSS finish, maintaining a stylish OEM look. Experience bubble-free application with our two-layer skin, providing scratch-resistant protection and vibrant color integrity. Elevate your setup with our REAL METALLIC Skinz.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual-layer construction: Bubble-free pressure permanent adhesive layer paired with a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, micro-textured surface laminate.
  • Installs directly over the hardware for effortless application.
  • Easy removal with minimal to no leftover sticky residue upon first removal.
  • Provides maximum protection against wear and tear while maintaining vibrant color integrity.

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White, Grey, Black, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Silver, Brushed Silver, Gold, Brushed Gold


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